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Terrasihla is a language which is designed to meet the needs of the future.

A basic need of the future is a world language. But political egoism has always stood in the way of unity in this question. In providing a politically neutral language (I consider myself a world citizen) I hope to make it easier to come to an agreement.

Another important neccessity Terrasihla shall meet is simplicity and and to be easily learned. Therefore every letter has a clearly defined meaning and the number of neccessary combinations of letters is very small. There are no irregular verbs and their conjugations are abolished, because they are superfluous. Things without sex are grammatically neutral, and everything that has a sex can not only be adressed neutrally if neccessary or wished, but also in a mode that is more specific as it is usually.

With this we already are facing the next requirement. Terrasihla shall provide men with more freedom of expression but also with more precision and richness of expression. So every word will be clearly defined and there will be no ambiguities. And each new concept will be accompanied by a new word. Also modes of thoughts/concepts of many cultures shall find their way into Terrasihla to further global understanding and individual growth of consciousness. Wenn technical, social, scientific and psycholigcal progress brings forth new concepts, new words can bei added and in this way the language can grow alongside the world-consciousness. As each word has a clearly defined meaning conversations and negotiations should be more efficient and less laden with misunderstandings.

In creating Terrasihla I will try to form a language which is not composed of other languages, though now and then words from other languages will be used and some principle may be taken from another language, because with this tongue the aim is an improvement of the mode and the present possibilities of expression. The introduction of a totally new KIND of language and expression is left for the future and presupposes a neccessity and concsiousness transformed accordingly both from the sides of the creator and the user. Seen this way Terrasihla shall be a language of transition. It shall have a pleasant sound though being artificial it will certainly not habe the charm and richness of character any naturally grown language shows.

In order not to go astray too much already in the beginning I would like to ask you to fill in the questionnaire and to mail, fax or send it to me. If you could read beforehand the chapter on the alphabet and the pronunciation it would be helpful.

If you want to be informed on the results of the questionnaire and/or want to partake in a possible second questionnaire and/or want to be informed about updates let me know about it.

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