I'm With You

I'm With You

Michel Montecrossa sings Michel Montecrossa, Avril Lavigne, Françoise Hardy & Bob Dylan at the Spirit of Woodstock Festival 2005 in Mirapuri, Italy

  • Michel Montecrossa's 'I'm With You' released by Mira Sound Germany as Audio-CD presents great Michel Montecrossa, Avril Lavigne, Françoise Hardy and Bob Dylan songs performed by Michel Montecrossa on Friday 5th August during the Spirit of Woodstock Festival 2005 in Mirapuri, Italy.
  • The Françoise Hardy songs are 'There's So Much Beauty (Tant De Belles Choses)' and 'Moments'.
  • The Songs: 'Punk Kid #2', 'I'm With You', 'Hyperpunk's Ballad In A Haunted Street', 'Take Me Away', 'In The Heat Of The Night', 'There's So Much Beauty (Tant De Belles Choses)', 'Moments', 'What Would I Do?', 'Waitin' For You', 'Oktoberfest Lied'
Michel Montecrossa sings Evergreens

Michel Montecrossa sings Evergreens

  • 'Michel Montecrossa sings Evergreens' released by Mira Sound Germany on 2 Audio-CDs presents Michel Montecrossa's incomparable and rejuvenatingly unique new creation of 34 evergreens and all time hits including Françoise Hardy's 'Rêve', 'Star' and 'V.I.P.'
  • Michel Montecrossa sings great songs originally performed by Dooley Wilson, Johnny Ray, Tommy Roe, Bob Luman, Howlin' Wolf, Chester A. Burnett, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Lonnie Donegan, Stan Jones, Bing Crosby, Big Bill Broonzy, Steppenwolf, Paul Anka, Françoise Hardy, Jimmie Rodgers, Holly Sherwood, Robbie Robertson, Jimmie Davis, Janis Ian, Freddy Quinn, The Platters, Johnny Mercer, Cher, Led Zeppelin, Hank Williams, Lara Fabian, Woody Guthrie, Pattie Paige, Dean Martin.
  • Including legendary movie songs from 'Casablanca', 'Streets Of Fire', 'Star Trek', 'Breakfast At Tiffany's', 'Divine Secrets Of The Ya-Ya Sisterhood', 'Final Fantasy', 'Natural Born Killers'.
  • The Songs: 'As Time Goes By', 'Just Walking In The Rain', 'Sheila', 'Red Cadillac And A Black Moustache', 'Sittin' On Top Of The World', 'The Next Step Is Love', 'Rip It Up', 'A Thing Called Love', 'Does Your Chewing Gum Lose its Flavour On The Bedpost Overnight', 'Ghost Riders In The Sky', 'C. C. Rider', 'Born To Be Wild', 'Diana', 'Rêve', 'Dreaming With Tears In My Eyes', 'Tonight Is What It Means To Be Young', 'Unbound', 'You Are My Sunshine', 'Star', 'V.I.P.', 'Melodie Der Nacht', 'You Are My Destiny', 'Only You', 'Moonriver', 'All Or Nothing', 'Stairway To Heaven', 'Alone And Forsaken', 'Mer', 'Ring Of Fire', 'Waiting For You', 'Die Gitarre Und Das Meer', 'The Dream Within', 'Along In The Sun And The Rain', 'You Belong To Me'
The V.I.P. Concert

The V.I.P. Concert

Michel Montecrossa sings Michel Montecrossa, Françoise Hardy and Bob Dylan

  • V.I.P., released by Mira Sound Germany as Double Audio-CD, presents Michel Montecrossa's gorgeous performance of his great original songs including the dance-hit 'Cybergeneration' and his masterful interpretation of Françoise Hardy songs like 'V.I.P.' and Bob Dylan songs like 'I And I'.
  • V.I.P. is the complete recording of Michel Montecrossa's V.I.P. concert which he dedicated to Françoise Hardy's birthday.
  • V.I.P. is the outstanding achievement of Michel Montecrossa's art of blending his great 21st century cyberrock with the song art of Françoise Hardy and Bob Dylan on two thrilling Audio-CDs featuring 32 supersongs.
  • V.I.P. has a sensual and dark drivin' quality deeply in touch with our present world in Michel Montecrossa's power song 'Darkness & Light' and Françoise Hardy's 'The Beauty Of The Devil / La Beauté Du Diable' or Bob Dylan's 'Masters Of War' and at the same time turns to the message of light and love in Michel Montecrossa's profound and tender antiwar song 'Will I Ever See You Again?' his mystic-erotic trance songs '4 Women' and 'Cyberairport U.F.O.'.
  • V.I.P. is a gem of Michel Montecrossa's exceptional performing art which together with his bandmembers Mirakali and Diana Antara opens totally new dimensions of cybermusic and powerful songlyrics.
  • The Songs: 'Cyberairport U.F.O.', 'V.I.P.', 'Cybergeneration', 'Highway 61 Revisited', 'Unobtrusively You', 'Maggie's Farm', 'Teenagetrip (Gettin' Nearer To You Every Day)', 'She's Da Bomb', 'At Her Mercy / À Sa Merci', 'Handed Down By Jesus', 'My Back Pages', 'Sweety Girl', 'Soul Reflection', '4 Women', 'Coming Dawn', 'Hyperpunk's Ballad In A Haunted Street', 'Building My Retreat / Bâti Mon Nid', 'Take My Hand – Let Me See Your World (It's Your House)', 'Licence To Kill', 'Darkness & Light', 'The Beauty Of The Devil / La Beauté Du Diable', 'In The Heat Of The Night', 'I And I', 'Blinded By The Night', 'Userinstruction / Mode D'Emploi', 'What Would I Do?', 'Come / Viens', 'Levels Of Reality (This Is All So Much In The Future)', 'Masters Of War', 'War Is Hell', 'Zero For All / Zéro Partout', 'Will I Ever See You Again?'
Light Of Wonder

Light Of Wonder

Michel Montecrossa sings Françoise Hardy
& songs of Michel Montecrossa
and Bob Dylan's Poem for Françoise Hardy with the music of Michel Montecrossa

  • Light of Wonder, released by Mira Sound Germany, is an outstanding Michel Montecrossa sings Françoise Hardy' CD-Plus with 9 songs originally performed by Françoise Hardy, including the title song 'Light of Wonder' which is Michel Montecrossa's english version of Françoise Hardy's 'Merveilleux'.
  • Light of Wonder also presents 5 original songs of Michel Montecrossa including the sensual 'Forever I See Your Sweet Soul'.
  • Light of Wonder features as bonus track a poem of Bob Dylan for Françoise Hardy, titled 'For Françoise Hardy At The Seine's Edge', with the music of Michel Montecrossa.
  • Light of Wonder presents in addition to the 15 songtracks the Salvador Dalì Style video for Michel Montecrossa deeply touching song 'Forever I See Your Sweet Soul' starring Mirakali who also performs one song of Françoise Hardy: 'Regarde-Toi'
  • Light of Wonder is an outstanding masterpiece of Michel Montecrosas taking up the elegant and calm quality of Françoise Hardy's heartfelt music into his creative abundance of beauty and expressiveness.
  • Songs originally performed by Françoise Hardy: 'Merveileuy / Light Of Wonder', 'Regarde-Toi', 'Mer / Sea', 'Je Ne Suis Que Moi', 'All Over The World', 'Voila', 'Fin D'Après-Midi / Late Afternoon', 'Star' and 'Berceuse'.
  • Michel Montecrossa songs: 'Forever I See Your Sweet Soul', 'Music', 'Blue Rose', 'We Are Beautiful When Our Hearts Are One' and 'Tender Love'.
  • Bob Dylan's poem with the music of Michel Montecrossa: 'For Françoise Hardy At The Seine's Edge'
  • The Salvador Dalì Style video: 'Forever I See Your Sweet Soul'.
  • Michel Montecrossa about the 'Light of Wonder' songs:
    "It is a journey through and diving into the realm of love's mysteries. The simplicity of love and its unfathomable wonder.
    It begins with the 'Light of Wonder', the realisation of the precious contact with the other you, the awakening to the sense of oneness. The end of loneliness. It is the discovery of the hidden treasure of intimacy and vulnerability, of surrender to the one you love: 'Regarde-Toi'. And it is the trust, the unreserved giving of oneself to the loved one. It is the answer of greatness: 'Forever I See Your Sweet Soul'.
    The journey of love is ever renewing like the sea, like the splendour of creation: 'Mer'.
    It is like 'Music'.
    Once felt it will never leave, even in worried moods love knows the answer: 'Je Ne Suis Que Moi', 'All Over The World', 'Blue Rose', 'Voila'.
    Love is the answer outlasting all trouble, comforting us: 'We Are Beautiful When Our Hearts Are One.'
    And then the dream and the magic are there, again and again in moments as well as in eternity, the transcendent, childlike smile: 'Late Afternoon', 'For Françoise Hardy At The Seine's Edge', 'Tender Love'.
    Finally the circle is complete, the story never ends yet always rests in the safety of love's embrace: 'Star' and 'Berceuse' - you are my love and happiness."
  • Michel Montecrossa about the Salvador Dalì Style video 'Forever I See Your Sweet Soul':
    "It is a Salvador Dalì Style video because it is conscious and it is mysterious. People love mystery. It is pure artistic sensation of the power that overcomes death. I could say it the Dalì way: When I make a video the ocean roars. Others merely paddle in their bath.
    It is made from a level of awareness that knows well that what we name reality is even more illusory than the world of dreams.
    It is contradictory. It is creative in the Dalì way:
    'We have to systematically create trouble – it radiates creativity. All that is contradictory is a source of life.'
    It is a nonpolitical video. In it Mirakali is my Venus, and you won't know to which party she belongs or if she belongs to any party at all. When I was three I knew God. Since then my ambition keeps growing. This video is only one of many windows to my genius."
  • Cyberborn


    Michel Montecrossa sings Michel Montecrossa, Bob Dylan, Hank Williams, Robbie Robertson, Holly Sherwood, Cher, Françoise Hardy

    • Cyberborn, released by Mira Sound Germany presents the new Cyberdisco Hit Sound of Michel Montecrossa.
    • Michel Montecrossa sings 8 original songs including the Ecstasy Hits 'Baby I Love You', 'The Riddle Of You' and 'Born'.
    • Michel Montecrossa also sings 7 songs of other artists among them 'Po Boy' from Bob Dylan's 'Love And Theft' and an unreleased version of Bob Dylan's 'Need A Woman'.
    • Cyberborn in addition to the 15 songstracks presents 4 Avantgarde Michel Montecrossa Videos: the Luis Bunuel style video for Bob Dylan's 'Po Boy', the Andy Warhol style video for Hank Williams' 'I Can't Get You Off Of My Mind' (which Bob Dylan also covers on the 'Timless' Hank Williams Tribute) and the Cyberdisco Laser Hit video for Michel Montecrossa's 'Baby I Love You' and 'The Riddle Of You'.
    • Cyberborn is an Interactive Multimedia CD-Plus with 15 songtracks and 4 MPEG videos and Internetlinks.
    • The Cyberborn Songs:
      Michel Montecrossa: 'The Riddle Of You', 'Baby I Love You', 'Get A Taste Of Her', 'Cybershag', 'Cyberpower', 'Wet Fantasy', 'Wet Sensation', 'Born'
      Bob Dylan: 'Po Boy', 'Need A Woman'
      Hank Williams: 'I Cant' Get You Off Of My Mind'
      Robbie Robertson: 'Take Your Partner By The Hand'
      Cher: 'All Or Nothing'
      Holly Sheerwood: 'Tonight Is What It Means To Be Young' (from the movie: 'Streets Of Fire')
      Françoise Hardy: 'Mer' (Sea)
    • Michel Montecrossa about 'Cyberborn':
      "'Cyberborn' is highcontrast action-singing with lyrics like a take-off. 'Cyberborn' is cybernetic new love - old love fusion. The digits of your brain switched on for full tilt here and now consciousness-expansion. New love - old love: these songs are about love. My songs sing of the new love, the love living free in the splendor of the new consciousness, the consciousness of futureman, the consciousness of tomorrow. Love not burdened with dead past, free mind love with every cell of your body joy electrified.
      I also sing a bouquet of songs originally performed by Bob Dylan, Hank Williams, Robbie Robertson, Cher, Holly Sherwood and Françoise Hardy telling the story of old love, the way of yesterday: sweet - sad, happy - tormented, struggling to step out of the encasement into the light.
      All the songs, new and old alike, move into multidimensional directions and are united in the same center of joy: eternal love."
    • Time To Change

      Time To Change

      Michel Montecrossa sings Françoise Hardy and Himself

      • Michel Montecrossa about Françoise Hardy and the 'Time To Change' album:
        "Françoise Hardy brings a rare vision of beauty, charme and wonder to songmusic. With her voice and personality she has opened the door to a feeling which is both heavenly and sensual. Her music is in a simple and honest way free from limiting bondage to superficial trends and the soundstructures surrounding her are expressive of this unique european - mediterranean flair which is loved all over the world. Françoise Hardy is the sweet and touching artist of taste, freshness and emotion making a light shine through her apparent fragility - the light of her strong soul. It is in appreciation of these qualities of Françoise Hardy's music and art that I made this production. 'Time To Change' is my own way of expression. It is different but at the same time close to the same inner source which is behind Françoise's way of telling things. The selection of songs which Françoise Hardy performed includes 'Love Me Tender', probably the only song in which Elvis Presley participated as original songwriter. To many of the other songs Françoise Hardy wrote the lyrics. The music is composed by various artists which I all like, in particular Michel Berger and Jaques Lacome. All original french lyrics were translated by me into english except 'Message Personnel' which was translated by Françoise Hardy and Michel Berger. In addition to the songs originally performed by Françoise Hardy I contribute my own songs; songs which I love to sing for Françoise as a warm greeting and 'Thank You' for her great music of tender strength."
      • The Interactive Mira Sound Germany CD-Plus 'Time To Change - Michel Montecrossa sings Françoise Hardy and Himself' presents songs originally performed by Françoise Hardy in the interpretation of Michel Montecrossa together with songs written by Michel Montecrossa.
      • The 'Time To Change' soundtracks feature 9 Françoise Hardy songs and 9 Michel Montecrossa songs creating in their union the fascinating and superb atmosphere of the 'Time To Change' album.
      • 'Time To Change' is romantic and sensual as well as powerful and profound and unfolds the theme of love, loss and finding, of struggle and happiness, of tenderness and concern in the heart-felt way which is natural to Françoise Hardy and Michel Montecrossa.
      • The MPEG-Music-Video of the Michel Montecrossa song 'Splendors Of True Love' visualizes this intimate quality of the 'Time To Change' album with its touching and unpretending warmth of feeling.
      • Michel Montecrossa covers the following songs originally performed by Françoise Hardy: 'Pouce Au Revoir / Time To Change', 'Rêve', 'Premiere Rencontre / First Encounter', 'Je Suis Moi / It's Me', 'Rêver Le Nez En l'Air / Dreamin' With My Head Up High', 'Que Vas-Tu Faire? / What Will You Do?', 'Love Me Tender', 'Message Personnel', 'Mon Amie La Rose / My Friend The Rose'
      • The Michel Montecrossa orginals are: 'Daylight', 'Answers', 'All The Kids Of Your World (For Young Françoise Hardy)', 'Stunning', 'Wanted Girl', 'Yes', 'A Dream In Her Gaze', 'Heartbeat Rocker', 'A Woman's Soul', 'Splendors Of True Love (Movie)'

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