'Like A Woman Rich With Love'

Michel Montecrossa's Valentine's Day Album

Like A Woman Rich With Love

'Like A Woman Rich With Love', Michel Montecrossa's Valentine's Day CD-Plus Album presents 15 heartbeat-songs including the deeply touching 'Sweet Anguish Of Love', the happy 'Springmeadow' the all time titlesong 'Like A Woman Rich With Love' and the bonus video ' As I'm Rolling Past A Tiny House'.

For Valentine's Day Michel Montecrossa presents his earthy and heavenly song-art with touching and heartfelt beats and moods, opening the album with the all time hit 'Like A Woman Rich With Love' leading straight into the groovy 'Reality On Its Own', 'Tomorrow's Change' and the swinging 'I Found You'.

The profound-poetic 'Sweet Anguish Of Love' is the door to the pure 'Innocence', the happy 'Springmeadow' and the thoughtful 'Summersong' (presented in the studio and the live version).

The romantic-yearning hits 'No More Alone' and 'Horses Are Strong' and the powerful 'Last Tower' lead to the worldsong 'Oh, So Many Souls', the masterful live-version of 'Summersong' and the deeply felt concluding songs 'African Sunset' and 'Weeping Man On A Bench' giving expression to the most universal and compassionate side of love.

The sweet-erotic bonus video presents the free cinema version of the bluesy lovesong 'As I'm Rolling Past A Tiny House'.

The Songs: 'Like A Woman Rich With Love', 'Reality On Its Own', 'Tomorrow's Change', 'I Found You', 'Sweet Anguish Of Love', 'Innocence', 'Springmeadow', 'Summersong', 'No More Alone', 'Horses Are Strong', 'Last Tower', 'Oh, So Many Souls', 'Summersong (Live Version)', 'African Sunset', 'Weeping Man On A Bench'
The Video: 'As I'm Rolling Past A Tiny House'

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