Michel Montecrossa's Michel & Bob Dylan Fest 2005

6 CD-Box with 5 Audio-CDs & 1 DVD

Michel Montecrossa's Michel & Bob Dylan Fest 2005

Michel Montecrossa's eminently impressive Michel & Bob Dylan Fest 2005 is released by Mira Sound Germany as 6 CD-Box with 5 Audio-CDs and 1 DVD including the Michel Montecrossa hit songs 'Hunting The Girl', 'Dragondance', 'Cool On The Other Side' and 'Terra Rock' and the great Bob Dylan songs 'Mozambique', 'Nashville Skyline Rag', 'From A Buick 6', and 'Trouble' as well as Michel Montecrossa's terrific Reality Rocker Movie 'World Of Man Creature' with Michel Montecrossa mega songs including 'Eternal Woman', embracing the sexy-hot love story about Girl and Woman vibes with Michel Montecrossa's cool Reality Rocker feel.

Michel Montecrossa presents with his golden voice and immensely creative power of performance 39 Bob Dylan songs together with 41 stunning Michel Montecrossa songs on 5 Audio-CDs and his mighty Reality Rocker Movie 'World Of Man Creature' on 1 DVD featuring 10 outstanding Michel Montecrossa songs including the exceedingly beautiful 'Eternal Woman'.

Michel Montecrossa's Michel & Bob Dylan Fest 2005 is a thrilling celebration of joy, bright like a sun in full orb and an awful revelation of music, lyric and movie power.

The Songs, Disc One: 'Tombstone Blues', 'Never Ever', 'Billy 1', 'Hunting The Girl', 'Mozambique', 'Two Naked Girls (Only The Hungry Shall Survive)', 'Nashville Skyline Rag', 'Wild West Honey', 'Cybertrek', 'One More Night', 'Just Like Doggy Style', 'Country Pie', 'Maybe She'll Come And Rock Me', 'Peggy Day', 'Crazy Babies', 'Tell Me That It Isn't True', 'Take My Hand – Let Me See Your World (It's Your House)'
The Songs, Disc Two: 'Sign On The Window', 'Holdin' Your Hand (Don't Give Up)', 'Lay, Lady, Lay', 'What Would I Do?', 'I'll Be Your Baby Tonight', 'Take Me By The Hand', 'Angelina', 'Timebody Love (My Climax Girl)', 'It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry', 'Please Look Out Your Window', 'From A Buick 6'
The Songs, Disc Three: 'Save Somebody', 'Queen Jane Approximately', 'The Number-Man', 'Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues', 'Virgin In My Mind', 'Heart Of Mine', 'Love Hotel', 'Property Of Jesus', 'Lenny Bruce', 'Music', 'Holdin' Your Hand (Don't Give Up) #2', 'Lay, Lady, Lay #2', 'What Would I Do? #2', 'I'll Be Your Baby Tonight #2'
The Songs, Disc Four: 'Dragondance', 'The Groom's Still Waiting At The Altar', 'Use It', 'Watered Down Love', 'Cool On The Other Side', 'Dead Man, Dead Man', 'Diamond Sky', 'In The Summertime', 'Rockin' With The Beat', 'Trouble', 'Shit Place Rock', 'Rainy Day Women #12 & 35'
The Songs, Disc Five: 'Unobtrusively You', 'Pledging My Time', 'Survivor in The City', 'Temporary Like Achilles', 'Thought It Was Somebody Else', 'Absolutely Sweet Marie', 'Fuck The Brainwash', 'Obviously Five Believers', 'Didn't Make This World', 'You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go', 'It's Up To You', 'Meet Me In The Morning', 'Will I Ever See You Again?', 'If You See Her, Say Hello', 'Tender Love', 'Buckets Of Rain', 'Terra Rock', 'All Along The Watchtower', 'There's Nothin' Like You', 'Down Along The Cove', 'You Belong To Me', 'Little Bit Of Lovin'', 'Never Ever #2', 'Billy 1 #2', 'Hunting The Girl #2'
The DVD: 'Music', 'Wings Of The Poet', 'A Chosen Son', 'World Of Man Creature', 'Secret And Mysterious Soul', 'Come Out Of The Encasement', 'Nothing Is Common', 'He Had A World About Him', 'The Way', 'Some Called It Madness', 'World Warrior', 'Except The Time Inside The Room', 'Deserted Well', 'Shakti Ballad', 'Big Bang', 'Alchemy', 'Palace Of Gigants', 'Vision', 'Get The Action', 'Her Gentle Looks', 'Good Vibration', 'The Hour Of Feeling', 'Eternal Woman' The Measure Of Our Souls'

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