Michel Montecrossa's Michel & Bob Dylan Fest 2009

6 CD-Box with 4 Concert Audio-CDs & 2 Movie DVDs and
6 DVD-Box with 4 Concert DVDs and 2 Movie-DVDs

Michel Montecrossa's Michel & Bob Dylan Fest 2009

'Michel Montecrossa's Michel & Bob Dylan Fest 2009' released by Mira Sound Germany as Box Sets including 4 Concert Audio-CDs and 2 Movie DVDs or alternatively 4 Concert DVDs and 2 Movie DVDs, feature 66 Michel Montecrossa songs, 19 Bob Dylan songs and songs covered by Bob Dylan as well as the Movie DVDs 'Michel Montecrossa Unplugged At The Carlton Hotel, New York, 12.2.1994' and 'The Resurrection Movie', Michel Montecrossa's great Peace & Climate Change Musical.
The song-tracks of the Michel & Bob Dylan concert include powerful topical songs by Michel Montecrossa like the title song 'Sunlight Dance' and the powerful 'Adults Are Idiots', 'Eatin' And Drinking Together With You' and 'Living On A Planet'.
The Bob Dylan songs performed by Michel Montecrossa include Bob Dylan originals as well as traditionals and songs by other artists which Bob Dylan sings in his concerts like 'Diamond Joe', 'Marchin' To The City', 'Red River Shore' and 'The French Girl'. Special highlights are Woody Guthrie's 'Bizzness Ain't Dead' and 'I Can See A New Day' by Las Rice, a singer-songwriter comrade from Bob Dylan's early days. Another gem is 'Miss The Mississippi And You', performed by Michel Montecrossa in the original Jimmie Rodgers style.
Michel Montecrossa about the Michel & Bob Dylan Fest 2009: "Sunlight gives health and joy and makes us dance. Turn to the light and you will feel the one. Turn to the dark and you'll lose your heart."

The 2 Movie DVDs present Michel Montecrossa's free cinema masterpieces 'Michel Montecrossa Unplugged At The Carlton Hotel, New York, 12.2.1994' and 'The Resurrection Movie'.

"We were in New York", tells Michel Montecrossa, "for the shooting of sequences for the 'Reality Rocker' Movie-Series. It was the intense experience of a flood of inspiration and creative energy condensed into a week or so of thrillingly poetic cinema work. We all were rocker, writer, musician, actor, movie maker, director and producer in one person, constantly changing inner and outer perspectives.
In the middle of this great experience new songs poured in. Parallel to the ongoing movie-action they mirrored the immense poetic feel that welled up from within during the interludes between shooting periods.
The songs came speedy with great directness, insight, drive, tenderness, power and delicacy. They were the fluid mirror through which you could go and touch the unexpected, the centering, the well of inspiration for a new day and new intensities that flowed into the movie making.
On 12th February I played all these songs in one take just before shooting of the Reality Rocker movie continued."

"The Resurrection Movie", says Michel Montecrossa, "is a continuous awareness enhancing stream of multilayered messages telling the story simultaneously in a poetic, picturesque and musical way. It is presenting a new level of my ongoing creation of Fullstream Cinema-Art."
'The Resurrection Movie' tells the mythic love story of cyberrocker-astronaut Starlight and Earthpower. In a world that became one global mega city system, Starlight and Earthpower embody the unexpected and unforeseen that change everything. Into the holocaust of unending wars fought by an abysmal society, split between gangstas and rockers and led by a central processor regent (CPR), they bring the victory of humanity. An epic movie of music, love and passion for freedom. A celebration of deep-brain lovemakin', a grail of demechanization, a revelation of soul and body overcoming terror and impotence. A surreal and ultimately real world where death-fear and libido change into love and life. A musical vérité of courage and love, profound emotions, passion and mystery. Michel Montecrossa is cyberrocker-astronaut Starlight. Mirakali is Earthpower.
'The Resurrection Movie': Power of Art. Power of Cinema. Power of Music. Power of Consciousness.

Disc One (Concert Audio-CD / DVD): 'Sunlight Dance (What Else Is There To Do?)', 'Diamond Joe', 'Unity Is Cool', 'Can't Escape From You', 'Good Relations Save The Earth', 'Dreamin' Of You', 'Powerhouse Of Consciousness', 'Kickin' My Dog Around', 'Adults Are Idiots', 'Marchin' To The City'

Disc Two (Concert Audio-CD / DVD): 'Life Without Walls (Your Friendly Home)', '32-20 Blues', 'Courage & Love', 'Red River Shore', 'Love Unites', 'Mary And The Soldier', 'White Cloud, Blue Sky', 'Duncan And Brady Song', 'Life For All', 'Girl On The Green Briar Shore'

Disc Three (Concert Audio-CD / DVD): 'Forgiveness Heals', 'Miss The Mississippi And You', 'Ways Of Change', 'Dixie', 'Earth Story Song', 'City Of Gold', 'World Spirit', 'I'm Not There', 'Laughin' And Lovin' – Anyway You Like', 'I Don't Hurt Anymore'

Disc Four (Concert Audio-CD / DVD): 'As Long As The Earth Works', 'One Man's Loss', 'Good To Be A Child', 'The French Girl', 'Eatin' And Drinking Together With You', 'Bizzness Ain't Dead', 'Check In – Take Off! (Be Part Of Your Own True Solution)', 'I Can See A New Day', 'Saving Message', 'Living On A Planet'

Disc Five (Movie DVD): 'Foreign Land Ballad', 'Weeping Man On A Bench', 'Purple Curtain, Purple Pain', 'Leather Outfit Lady', 'Out Of Passion', 'Today's Poem', 'Any Love Can Be', 'Changing Real', 'Wayside Line', 'Rock 'n' Roll Girl', 'Diesel Train', 'I Kiss You Good-Bye', 'Poem Of Evening's Last Card Game', 'On One Summer's Morn'', 'On The Grounds Of Fire', 'When I Think Of Your Tomorrow', 'Oh Lord, I'm Just A Rolling Stone', 'Time For Love'

Disc Six (Movie DVD): 'Genetic Expansion', 'Wild In The City', 'Ready For A Change', 'Cybersaga Evolution 1&2', 'Infected', 'Cybersaga & Janet Wild', 'Forbidden City', 'Resurrection', 'Let's Be Together And Care For Love', 'Earthrocker Callin' You', 'Peace And Light Song', 'Check Out What You Do', 'Shall We Go To War Again?', 'Timebody Love', 'Her Eyes Black As Night', 'Cute Girl', 'My Limousine Is Long', 'Das Weite', 'Sweet Earth', 'Green Earth', 'Sunray Revolution', 'Water Is Life', 'This World Is My World', 'War Kills', 'Believe In Your Dream', 'Another World', 'He & She'

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