Michel Montecrossa Music for Peace

Audio-CD-Plus Set

Michel Montecrossa Music for Peace Audio-CD-Plus productions present 105 Songs and 15 Videos, including the warmhearted 'Peace Is Good For Love', the driving 'Friedens Rock', the touching 'Love And Peace' and the dancefloor hits 'Cybertrance' and 'Girly Hip Hip'.

The set of four Michel Montecrossa Music for Peace Audio-CD-plus productions is an outstanding musical journey of love, energy, happiness and true feeling.

Peace Is Good For Love Concert

Peace Is Good For Love
(Double CD-Plus)

The Songs, Disc One: 'War Is Hell', 'Peace Is Good For Love', 'Girly Hip Hip', 'Cyberhandy Baby', 'Deep Space Baby', 'Love Button', 'Cybergroove', 'Loose Yourself In The Moment', 'Wild And Tender', 'Satisfying Love', 'Dancefire', 'Cyberjungle', 'With Naked Girls', 'Lovemakin' Supertrip', 'Ready For Action', 'I Want To Turn You On', 'Something In You'
The Video, Disc One: 'War Is Hell'
The Songs, Disc Two: 'Heroglory', 'Hope And Glory', 'The Earth Is Weeping', 'Cybertrance', 'Love And Peace', 'To Live Our Dream', 'Virtual Girl', 'Cyberrock Hero', 'Flyin' Into Heaven's Paradise', 'Cyberlove', 'Let Me Be With You Tonight', 'Soft Skin'
The Videos, Disc Two: 'Peace Is Good For Love', 'Cybergroove', 'Lovemakin' Supertrip', 'Heroglory'

Friedens Rock

Friedens Rock
(3 CD-Plus Set)

The Songs, Disc One: 'Friedens Rock', 'War Is Hell', 'Cyberyoung', 'The Friend At Your Side', 'Peace Is Good For Love', 'Wild Party Night', 'Girly Hip Hip', 'Sexy Ladies', 'Cyberhandy Baby', 'Cyberdisco', 'As If In Another World', 'Love Button', 'Someone Who Understands You'
The Videos, Disc One: 'Friedens Rock', 'Cyberyoung'
The Songs, Disc Two: 'Cybergroove', 'Mystery Star', 'Cyberthingies', 'Cyberhoney Skateboard Ride', 'Loose Yourself In The Moment', 'Satisfying Love', 'Cyberecstasy', 'Cyberjungle', 'What You Wanna Do, Do It Now', 'Double Action', 'Met You In Paradise', 'Heroglory'
The Videos, Disc Two: 'The Friend At Your Side', 'Peace Is Good For Love'
The Songs, Disc Three: 'Cybergalaxy', 'In Every Heartbeat', 'Lovemakin' Supertrip', 'Warm Heart', 'To Live Our Dream', 'Cybertrance', 'Dreaming In Your Embrace', 'Love And Peace', 'Lovemakin' Waltz', 'Soft Skin', 'Cybervision'
The Videos, Disc Three: 'Mystery Star', 'Cyerthingies'

Love and Peace

Love and Peace
(Double CD-Plus)

The Songs, Disc One: 'Cybervision', 'Love And Peace', 'A Dream In Her Gaze', 'Asian Moon', 'Open Window', 'Mystery Road', 'War Is Hell', 'The Earth Is Weeping', 'With A Hundred Smiles', 'Fire On The Water', 'All Lovers Rock', 'Young Is The Future', 'Wide And Free', 'Oasis Of Love', 'Song X', 'Universal Whirlpool', 'Cyberbodyaction', 'Wild And Tender'
The Songs, Disc Two: 'Cyberscream', 'Kisses Of Love', 'Cyberdrive', 'Melons For Breakfast', 'Cyber Rockin' And Reelin', 'Great Dreams', 'Come On, Come On! Yeh, Yeh! It's All Right!', 'Cool Tango', 'Cyber Outlaw', 'In Your Embrace', 'Cybermorgana', 'Jungledream', 'Cyberdream', 'Living For Love', 'Cyberchild', 'Sunmessage'
The Videos, Disc Two: 'Love And Peace', 'War Is Hell'



The Songs: 'Cybertrance', 'Cyberstorm', 'Cyberspeed (Ready For You)', 'Cyberdrive', 'Cybermorgana', 'Cybervision'
The Videos: 'Cyberstorm', 'Friedens Rock'

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