Michel Montecrossa and his band The Chosen Few
at the Spirit of Woodstock Festival 2000 in Mirapuri, Italy

6 CD-Box with 102 songs and 3 music-videos

Spirit of Woodstock Festival 2001 in Mirapuri, Italy

Michel Montecrossa at the Spirit of Woodstock Festival 2001 is the fantastic documentation of 102 songs Michel Montecrossa and his band performed during three festival days and nights in August 2001 in Mirapuri, Italy.

The 6 CD-Box features pure Michel Montecrossa Cyberrock: dynamic, futuristic and powerful dancefloor-revolution.

In addition to the stunning performance of Michel Montecrossa's Cyberhit originals like: 'Cybershe', 'Cybermoon', 'Cyberwarrior', 'God Is A Girl', 'Cyberchant', 'Sexy Tongue', 'Cosmic Action', 'Uncensored', 'Double Action', 'Met You In Paradise', 'Cyberhoney Skateboard Ride', 'Cyberlick Girl'. Michel Montecrossa presents first class interpretations of covers like the Led Zepplin classic 'Stairway To Heaven', the Cher hit 'All Or Nothing' the Elvis evergreens 'How The Web Was Woven' and 'C. C. Rider', the unreleased version of Bob Dylan's 'Need A Woman', the Steppenwolf bikerrock 'Born To Be Wild', the 80's hit 'Tonight Is What It Means To Be Young' and Johnny Cash and Hank Williams country classics.

Michel's bandmembers Mirakali, Diana Antara and David Butterfield too play great original songs like 'Young Soul', 'Melons For Breakfast', 'Free Dance' and 'Thoughts In Summertime'.

The Songs, Disc One: 'Summerlight', 'Cyberfest', 'Cybermoon', 'New Cryin' 3D', 'Cyberwarrior', 'Space Rock Dream', 'You Are A Friend In The Night', 'Firedance Of Lightspeed', 'Cybercall', 'Loving Hearts', 'New Consciousness', 'Young Soul', 'God Is A Girl', 'Moonkiss', 'Planet Of Dreams', 'Forever', 'Space Light', 'Cyberjoy', 'Thoughts In Summertime'
The Songs, Disc Two: 'Stairway To Heaven', 'All Or Nothing', 'Cyberchant', 'Cyber Rockin' And Reelin'', 'Sexy Tongue', 'Cosmic Action', 'Cosmic People Rock', 'Romance Of The Road', 'How The Web Was Woven', 'Make My Day', 'Uncensored'
The Songs, Disc Three: 'Free Rock', 'Deep In His Soul', 'Cybererotic', 'Cyberkissin'', 'Stars Of Delight', 'J-Girl', 'Melons For Breakfast', 'Free Dance', 'Feelin' You', 'Tiger-Ladies', 'Michel's Samba', 'Cyberhappening', 'Get It Up', 'Plug In', 'Come On, Come On! Yeah, Yeah! It's All Right, It's All Right', 'Girl And Girl', 'American Apeman Sex', 'Cyberparty'
The Songs, Disc Four: 'Yes, I Know You Want It', 'I'll Never Go Back (To The Girls That Lied)', 'I Saw The Light', 'Double Action', 'Met You In Paradise', 'Cyberhoney Skateboard Rider', 'Cyberdisco', 'Cyberspace', 'Cyberpunk', 'Cyberthingies', 'Sex Is Smooth', 'Summersmile', 'Rock Paradise', 'I'm Not The One Meant To Stay Sober', 'Highway Pounder'
The Songs, Disc Five: 'Free And Easy', 'Rock Me And Chase Me', 'City Rock', 'Cyberbeauty', 'Cyber Rock Ecstasy', 'Cyber Rock Sensation', 'Cyberwoman', 'New Girlfriend', 'Baby We're Really In Love', 'You Are My Dream', 'Trio Shocker', 'Sensual Light', 'Such A Good Feeling', 'No Substitute Will Do', 'Song X', 'Cyberlick Girl', 'Cyberworld', 'Hold Me', 'Dreaming In Your Embrace', 'Cyberhero', 'Journey Through Endless Space'
The Songs, Disc Six: 'Cyberman And Cybergirl', 'Cybershe', 'Cyberscream', 'Long For More', 'Rock Babes', 'Sex Depends On Age', 'C. C. Rider', 'Tonight It Is What It Means To Be Young', 'Born To Be Wild', 'A Thing Called Love', 'Need A Woman', 'All Or Nothing', 'Cyberchild', 'Orgasm Time', 'Girl Makin' Love', 'Rockhard Ride', 'Dream', 'Tender Love'
The Music-Videos: 'Cyber Rockin' And Reelin'', 'Double Action', 'Cyberworld'

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