Mirayantra is a future oriented health center forming part of the life of Miravillage and Mirapuri. Located near the Miravillage Center it is providing for general medical care, practical research into new ways of health care, body building and psychosomatic training. Regular seminars at the Mirayantra Health Center, at the Miravillage and at Mirapuri on its various activities are part of the New Age Seminars and promote new awareness in health care, the development of the body consciousness and the general development of a holistic view of life and the interaction with its spiritual source.

For more information about the Mirayantra Health Center contact:

Praxis Dr. Höhn
Margaretenstr. 58
D-82152 Krailling
Phone: 089 - 8572920
Fax: 089 - 89500199
eMail: info@Mirayantra.de